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How to plant blueberry?

The choice of seedlings.

If we wish to enjoy fruitage throughout the season, it is advisable to choose plants of varied ripening season. It would also contribute to appropriate pollination conditions.

The info-photo beneath may serve as a help in the choice of appropriate seedlings. It shows the season and the fruitage terms of varieties which are at our store.

Soil related requirements.

Blueberry’s Polish name ”borówka” comes from pine forests (bory). It was named like this by Polish botanist and is related with its soil requirements.

Blueberry needs a highly acidic soil of pH of 3.8 to 4.5, humous soil (optimal content is 3.5% and more) and also warm and appropriately damp soil during the vegetation period. The soil should be also permeable. Such soil many be easily found in forests and near-forest areas. Conditions like these will enable the plant to grow well and have an abundant fruitage.

In case of sandy of forest soil it is advisable to add acidic peat into planting holes in the amount of 1-2 bags per shrub. Peat easily absorbs huge amounts of water which help shrubs grow normally, so it is perfect if we tend to forget about watering our plants during May and June droughts.

If we don’t have in our garden any soil appropriate for blueberry, it is advisable to prepare a mix of acidic peat, sand and forest bark (a recipe of such mixture we add beneath).

Typical garden soil is not suitable for blueberry planting as it has high pH. Moreover, in case of liming of soil the shrub will dwarf and its leaves will become light yellow.

The place.

Apart from appropriately prepared soil it is important that blueberry has been planted on a sunny place – which will ensure it with many flower buds and big, blue, sweet fruits. In shaded places the fertility of the shrub falls down and its fruits become green and sour in taste.


Please take notice of appropriate watering of plants. If shrubs do not get enough water, especially in summer, they will have a very weak vegetation growth and the berries will tend to wilt. Due to the high reaction, the water may not be taken from natural springs – unless it will be acidified.

How to plant blueberry?


Prepare the substrate. Mix acidic peat, sand and forest bark in the proportion of 3:1:1.


Dig out the wholes of 60 cm in depth and of the dimension of 120cm. Lines should take 2.5-3m between each other. The seedlings should be planted in the distance of 1.5m.


Prepared places cover with black foil creating a collar above the ground.


Make holes in the soil so that the excess of water might permeate.


Fill in the holes with the prepared substrate.


Plant the seedlings.


Cover the lines with sawdust or bark. This will lessen the water evaporation and weed growth. Additionally, the soil will be enriched with humus (when bark or sawdust will decompose) and it will become more acidic. Sawdust or bark should be completed every 2-3 years.,jak-sadzic-i-pielegnowac-borowke-amerykanska