About the company

Few words about our history

Our plant nursery farm has been established in 1991. From the very beginning our main idea and motto was to provide the customers with the best quality seedlings and plants. Thorough selection of plant varieties for our production and constant improvements made us recognizable not only on the Polish, but also on the foreign market.

First plants that we started to reproduce were currant and strawberry. About two years later we have added also raspberry. Along with constant growth of the company in further years we have decided to extend our range of plants. Therefore we started to work with blueberry, honeyberry and many other plants. Currently, our dominant species in production are: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and currant.


Firstly: quality

We choose our plants based on many years of observations which we carry out in our nursery farm. From 2012, we are the co-founders and shareholders of NIWA company, which conducts researches on new varieties of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.
We constantly try to implement some new, better varieties than those of our production. Our mother plants for our nurseries are planted from the best quality stock, often coming straight from the breeders. We implement more and more potted seeding material. This form allows for trade and plantings from early spring until late autumn. Plants which are the most demanding for care and protection are placed in a specially build series of plastic tunnels. Due to best interests of keeping our crop rotation and high health we currently use the land area of size around 100 hectares.

We constantly monitor the changes and news both on the European and worldwide fruit plant market, aiming to fulfill our clients’ needs. This is why we are purchasing many new Polish and foreign licenses, which allow us to be more and more competitive on the increasingly demanding market. Thanks to this fact, one of the best raspberry varieties like „Laszka®”, „Glen Ample®”, “Radziejowa®” , “Sokolica®” and “Polonez®” have been implemented to our store.

You can find us here

Our planting material is available in gardening shops in the whole country and also by on-line shop on our website. We have the vital knowledge how to pack and deliver best quality products to our trading partners located thousands of miles away.

You can find us also on local planting and marketing fairs and abroad, both in polish and international press of the topic.

Our production is subject to the supervision of Polish State Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.


Berry conference in Kraśnik

On 7th and 8th of Ferbuary, a well known berry conference took place in Kraśnik in Poland. The conference is called “Jagodowe Trendy”. Our company has been taking part in it for many years. …

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Things to remember before starting a plantation

Winter in full bloom. If you consider starting a fruit plantation it is a great time for planning it. If the idea has just come to our mind, it is worth to check the condition of the field we want to use. …

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How to plant blueberry?

The choice of seedlings. If we wish to enjoy fruitage throughout the season, it is advisable to choose plants of varied ripening season. It would also contribute to appropriate pollination conditions. …

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