Kiwi seedlings


It is a climber strain of the line of Actinidiaceae, popularly known as the ‘kiwi fruit’. Its shrubs are very decorative. As the vine it can be used for shading buildings, garden houses and pergolas. Actinidia fruits have nutritional and dietary values, they are also very tasty. Its fruits contain big amount of vitamin C and B group vitamins.
Hardy kiwi differs significantly from ‘delicious’ kiwi fruit, which is well-known for us from the grocery stores. Hardy kiwi fruits are sweeter, tastier, and smaller – their size is of a medium plum. Contrary to ‘delicious’ Actinidia, they do not require peeling. It has fruits from green to slightly red in colour.

plantacja truskawki

Things to remember before starting a plantation

Winter in full bloom. If you consider starting a fruit plantation it is a great time for planning it. If the idea has just come to our mind, it is worth to check the condition of the field we want to use. …

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How to plant blueberry?

The choice of seedlings. If we wish to enjoy fruitage throughout the season, it is advisable to choose plants of varied ripening season. It would also contribute to appropriate pollination conditions. …

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Grapevine name change VI-20-8-2

Dear Clients! Bright fruit grapevine variety VI-20-8-2 has finally got a new name. From now it will be sold in our offer under the name APOLLON.

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