Chinese schisandra seedlings


In its natural habitat, it grows in mountain forest and river valleys of East Asia. It’s a perennial climbing plant with preference to grow in half-shaded locations. Its ripening season starts on September and October.
Fruits: spherical, glossy with red colouring. Highly valuable in terms of health, as they contain schisandrin – a tonic and strengthening substance. Moreover, they contain  vitamins C and E.

plantacja truskawki

Things to remember before starting a plantation

Winter in full bloom. If you consider starting a fruit plantation it is a great time for planning it. If the idea has just come to our mind, it is worth to check the condition of the field we want to use. …

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How to plant blueberry?

The choice of seedlings. If we wish to enjoy fruitage throughout the season, it is advisable to choose plants of varied ripening season. It would also contribute to appropriate pollination conditions. …

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Grapevine name change VI-20-8-2

Dear Clients! Bright fruit grapevine variety VI-20-8-2 has finally got a new name. From now it will be sold in our offer under the name APOLLON.

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